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integrative approach is the core of successful engineering. Consideration of all parties involved, all relevant conditions and alternatives – in all projects – on the national and international level, in our cooperation, organization and communication. In the field of tension between engineering, economy, and law.


Innovative based on our network of expertise including a wide range of disciplines and research institutes we keep our finger on the pulse of development. Thus we meet the challenges both of new technologies and of the future.


With our global know-how and competencies on site as well as our experience in multiple countries we provide solutions for projects worldwide.

Curatives has a certified ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 quality assurance program in place. It is the policy of the Curatives to conduct its business activities strictly in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The policy is based on the Compliance Management System.


Sought after, desired for, and very often even demanded in almost every business transaction made across the globe, is QUALITY. Recognizing that supplying only high-quality products is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer, Curatives carefully hand selected our industrial manufacturers to boast an impressive lineup of quality brands and products that are all at the forefront of their respected fields.

All brands and products offered by Curatives are with the confidence that they will consistently deliver a quality performance, each and every time. Curatives also provide full technical backup and assistance, across their entire range, for added assurance and peace of mind.


Separating the strong from the weak, the leaders from the followers, the exceptional from the ordinary is an essential quality i.e. EXELLENCE. In today’s fast paced world, competition among business opponents is extremely fierce. The very survival of a business often hinges upon their ability to rise above their rivals and be extraordinary. Adopting a culture of achieving only a high level of excellence across every facet of business is a sure way to achieve this extraordinary status, and the key to ensuring one’s survival. Knowing this, Curatives team is steadfast in their dedication to achieving only a high level of excellence throughout their entire process and operations. From smallest task, through to the largest project, this culture of striving for excellence is consistently applied.


In every walk of life those that are successful, those that are winners, and those that are at the top of their game all share a common characteristic, i.e. EXPERIENCE. Experience in the business world is crucial. It’s also the defining trait essential to any organization with hopes of being successful.

Curatives possess a team that have vast experience. Experience not just in numerous years served in the industrial supplies market, but also experience in servicing a very diverse mix of customers and market segments. This powerful combination of experiences enables Curatives to comfortably meet and exceed all of their customer’s needs and requirements, regardless of their business’s size or background

Since launching in 2019 Curatives, Industrial & Machines Supplies, has rapidly established itself as a strong, reliable and trustworthy industrial supply company. Ideally suited to the engineering, maintenance and manufacturing markets, Curatives have established strong relationships with some of UK’s largest companies and manufacturing plants. Offering a flexible customized service package to all customers enables Curatives to synchronize with varying procedures and facilitate business to flow smoothly between supplier and customer. Four conveniently placed International locations, allows Curatives to effectively service regional industrial markets. Friendly experienced staff committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction aim to make dealing with Curatives a pleasurable experience each and every time.



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Curatives has a certified ISO 9001-2015 quality assurance program in place. It is the policy of the Curatives to conduct its business activities strictly in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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